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Jim Morrison: los poemas más estremecedores del Rey Lagarto a 50 años de su muerte

El vocalista de 'The Doors' demostró durante toda su carrera tener el poder de deleitar a sus fanáticos con cada una de sus letras.

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Comunicóloga transmedia, amante de la música y los conciertos, soy el verdadero ejemplo del "escucho de todo".
Jim Morrison: los poemas más estremecedores del Rey Lagarto a 50 años de su muerte
Jim Morrison. El poeta y cantautor más inspirador para toda una generación . Instagram @jimmorrison

Dicen que los poemas son las ventanas al alma de una persona, y Jim Morrison era especialista en darle a sus fanáticos un pedazo de su vida cada que lanzaba un poema. Su habilidad para la música y el arte lo posicionó como uno de los artistas más importantes durante la década de los 60 's, además de tener una carrera exitosa con su banda 'The Doors' por muchos años.

Los años de oro para el cantautor vinieron acompañados del movimiento hippie, y el rock estaba abriendo brecha para toda una nueva generación que buscaba experimentar todo lo que su juventud tenía que ofrecerle, desde consumo de sustancias hasta una ola sexual de autodescubrimiento, fue por esta razón que Morrison vió la oportunidad de compartirle al mundo su poesía.

Los poemas más importantes dentro de la carrera de Jim Morrison

El poder de las palabras de Morrison logró trascender hasta la actualidad, y sus fuertes lecciones de vida siguen inspirando a millones de jóvenes alrededor del mundo para salir a conquistar todos los miedos que los tienen atados a una realidad triste y gris. Gracias a la psicodelia de los años 60 's Jim Morrison logró encontrar las frases perfectas para sacar todo lo que había callado por años.

Por esta razón en Sónica.mx te compartimos los mejores poemas que dejó Morrison antes de partir al más allá, y esperamos que encuentras las respuestas que necesitas en sus palabras.

Newborn Awakening

Gently they stir, gently rise.

The dead are newborn awakening.

With ravaged limbs and wet souls.

Gently they sigh in rapt funeral amazement.

Who called these dead to dance? Was it the young woman learning to play the ghost song on her baby grand?

Was it the wilderness children?

Was it the ghost god himself, stuttering, cheering, chatting blindly?

I called you up to anoint the earth.

I called you to announce sadness falling like burned skin.

I called you to wish you well.

To glory in self like a new monster.

And now I call you to pray.

Freedom Exists 

Did you know freedom exists

In school books

Did you know madmen ar

Running our prisons

Within a jail, within a gaol

Within a white free protestant


We're perched headlong

On the edge of boredom

We're reaching for death

On the end of a candle

We're trying for something

That's already found u

A Feast Of Friends 

Wow, I'm sick of doubt

Live in the light of certain


Cruel bindings.

The servants have the power

dog-men and their mean women

pulling poor blankets over

our sailors

(And where were you in our lean hour)

Milking your moustache

or grinding a flower?

I'm sick of dour faces

Staring at me from the TV

Tower, I want roses in

my garden bower; dig?

Royal babies, rubies

must now replace aborted

Strangers in the mud

These mutants, blood-meal

for the plant that's plowed.

They are waiting to take us into

the severed garden

Do you know how pale and wanton thrillful

comes death on a strange hour

unannounced, unplanned for

like a scaring over-friendly guest you've

brought to bed

Death makes angels of us all

and gives us wings

where we had shoulders

smooth as raven's


No more money, no more fancy dress

This other kingdom seems by far the best

until it's other jaw reveals incest

and loose obedience to a vegetable law.

I will not go

Prefer a Feast of Friends

To the Giant Family.

Stoned Immaculate 

I'll tell you this...

No eternal reward will forgive us now.

For wasting the dawn.

Back in those days everything was simpler and more confused.

One summer night, going to the pier.

I ran into two young girls.

The blonde one was called Freedom.

The dark one, Enterprise.

We talked and they told me this story.

Now listen to this..

I'll tell you about Texas radio and the big beat.

Soft driven, slow and mad.

Like some new language.

Reaching your head with the cold, sudden fury of a divine messenger.

Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of god.

Wandering, wandering in hopless night.

Out here in the perimeter there are no stars.

Out here we is stoned.


The Movie

The movie will begin in five moments.

The mindless voice announced

all those unseated will await the next show.

We filed slowly, languidly into the hall.

The auditorium was vast and silent

as we seated and were darkened, the voice continued

The program for this evening is not new.

You've seen this entertainment through and through.

You've seen your birth your life and death

you might recall all of the rest.

Did you have a good world when you died?

Enough to base a movie on?

I'm getting out of here.

Where are you going?

To the other side in the morning.

Please don't chase the clouds, pagodas.

Her cunt gripped him like a warm, friendly hand.

It's alright, all your friends are here.

When can I meet them?

After you've eaten

I'm not hungry.

Uh, we meant beaten.

Silver stream, silvery scream.

Oooooh, impossible concentration.

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